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Analyzing the Benefits: The Importance of Conducting a Car Wash Feasibility Study

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

What we have learned providing car wash feasibility studies over 25-years

The funny thing we have learned about car wash projects, is that markets are so different. And this is not hard to understand. But areas that have a lot of car washes are sometimes cultural. Like in California, its a place where people spend a lot of money to look good!

Traffic Counts?

Well, yes and no. If a location has six lanes and 50,000 vehicles a day there might be too much congestion for patrons to find it convenient for instance. This item is important, but a good location might have a good balance between traffic counts and the right population of users who have the increased disposable incomes for instance and brands like Tommy's Express Car wash assist owners in marketing memberships to the local population that increases sales.

Express Wash or Self Service?

If a project is an affluent area, and auto owners have more expensive vehicles, they are willing to join as a monthly member, increasing inside retail sales and frequency of car wash demand. They are also more likely to refer their friends. Express Car Wash offers no-touch in many cases which can cause less wear and tear on the finish and less chance for damage - but is more expensive.

Self service car washes are useful for locations with trucks, or other off road vehicle usage rate to get the "mud off".

Car Wash Feasibility Study
Car Wash Feasibility Study

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