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SBA Compliant Business Plans

We are Committed to Excellence!

We understand that your SBA business plan is an essential part of securing funding for your business.


That's why specializes in creating SBA compliant business plans that meets all necessary requirements.


Order our SBA Complaint Business Plans alone or combine them with our SBA Compliant Feasibility Study and take advantage of our great package deal. is your one stop shop for professional SBA Business Plans and SBA Feasibility Studies!

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Professionally Prepared

A professionally created SBA Compliant Business Plan may also be used for non-SBA Loan requests or for presentation to your investors or partners.

Start-ups and Expansion projects always require a strong business plan!

What does the SBA Compliant Business Plan Include

SBA Requirements

SBA Business Plans

Executive summary

The Executive Summary briefly tells your reader what your company is and why it will be successful. Included is your mission statement, your product or service, and basic information about your company’s leadership team, employees, and location.


We also include financial information and high-level growth plans.

Company description

We summarize your company description to provide detailed information about your company. We work with you to into detail about the problems your business solves.


In this section we research and report on your consumers, organization, or businesses your company plans to serve.

It is critical to explain your competitive advantages that will make your business a success. Are there experts on your team? Have you found the perfect location for your store? Your company description is the place to boast about your strengths.

Market analysis

You'll need a good understanding of your industry outlook and target market. We carry out competitive research that shows what other businesses are doing and what their strengths are.


Our  market research is in-depth, including local and industry trends and themes.


What do successful competitors do? Why does it work? Can you do it better? Now's the time to answer these questions. We provide substantial market and competitor research.

Organization and management

In this part of the business plan we described how your company will be structured and who will run it.


In this section we state whether you have or intend to incorporate your business as a C or an S corporation, form a general or limited partnership, or if you're a sole proprietor or limited liability company (LLC).

This section includes an organizational chart to lay out who's in charge of what in your company. It show how each person's unique experience will contribute to the success of your venture. It also includes resumes and CVs of key members of your team.

Service or product line

We clearly describe what you sell or what service you offer, and how it benefits your customers and what the product lifecycle looks like.


This part of the business plan shares your plans for intellectual property, like copyright or patent filings.

Marketing and sales

There's no single way to approach a marketing strategy. Your strategy should evolve and change to fit your unique needs.

Our goal in this section is to describe how you'll attract and retain customers.


We also describe how a sale will actually happen.  This section is used to support financial projections, so make sure to thoroughly describe your complete marketing and sales strategies.

Funding request

If you're asking for funding, this is where we outline your funding requirements. Your goal is clearly explained how much funding you’ll need over the next five years and what you'll use it for.

We specify whether you want debt or equity, the terms you'd like applied, and the length of time your request will cover. We present a detailed description of how you'll use your funds.


Specify if you need funds to buy equipment or materials, pay salaries, or cover specific bills until revenue increases.


We always include a description of your future strategic financial plans, like paying off debt or selling your business.

Financial projections

We supplement your funding request with financial projections. Your goal is to convince the reader that your business is stable and will be a financial success.

If your business is already established, we include income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements for the last three to five years. If you have other collateral you could put against a loan, we make sure to list it now.

We provide a prospective financial outlook for the next five years.


Included is:

  • Forecasted income statements (Pro Forma)

  • Balance sheets

  • Cash flow statements

  • and capital expenditure budgets.


For the first year, we specifically create and use quarterly — or even monthly — projections.


The narrative part of this section clearly explains your projections, and match them to your funding requests.

This is a great place where we use graphs and charts to tell the financial story of your business.  


The appendix is used to provide supporting documents or other materials were specially requested.


  • Common items to include are:

  • Credit histories

  • Resumes

  • Product pictures

  • Letters of reference

  • Licenses

  • Permits

  • Patents

  • Legal documents, and other contracts.

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