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Assessing the Viability of Cold Storage Facilities: A Simple Guide to Feasibility Studies

Cold Storage is a specific business type unlike many storage types that are leased to separate parties whereas the warehouse owner takes advantage of lease payments.

The Cold Storage may also be in leased space, yet it is a business enterprise.

Lenders often request a cold storage feasibility study because they want to understand your project's position in the often dense market place. There are users who pay to have cold storage project owners provide storage, picking, labeling, packing, wrapping, weighing, and other services on top of pallet cubic space rental.

A reliable feasibility study can provide guidance as to revenue per cubic foot of competitors to test the reasonableness of your plan. Also, what competitors offerings include and their logistical differences.

To measure market capacities, it depends on what the strategy is. Some focus on sea food, others on frozen vegetables and others provide space for a variety of users in an open market or captured market whereas they have agreements with end-users.

Your bank or lender will want a comparison of these features to understand the risks involved.

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Cold Storage Feasibility Studies: SBA Feasibility Study Consultants: USDA Feasibility Study Consultants:

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Cold Storage Feasibility Studies
Cold Storage Feasibility Studies


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