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Maximizing Your RV & Boat Storage Space: Lessons Learned from RV Storage Feasibility Studies

RV Storage types

RV Storage comes in a variety of flavors. Outdoor, uncovered and primitive to indoor secure and climate controlled. Covered outdoor is popular, yet limitations exist because developers are seeking to capture a percentage of the market based on the lengths of RV's in their market. Open storage sites indoors whereas owners provide a concierge service to park and deliver the RV is up and coming.

The indoor types are of steal warehouse construction on less expensive land located outside city densities such as Elite RV Premium Storage in Waller, Texas, just northwesterly of Houston. provided the SBA Feasibility Study for this project. Revenues were earned in a variety of ways including gassing up and getting the RV ready to hit the trail and other related services for the Elite RV owner.

The indoor facilities do no have designated spaces, but are stacking RV's, Boats and even Classic Cars in rows by forklift, moving units around to increase capacity and revenues.

RV & Boat Storage Rates

Often developers charge a flat monthly rate based on a linear foot calculation. Rates or primitive sites can be as little as $10 per day whereas indoor, exclusive climate controlled RV Storage go as high at $1,600 per month. Rates are steady in 2023 and expected to see an increase of about 2.7 percent in 2024.

Maximizing Your RV & Boat Storage Project

Allow the experienced team at to evaluate and compare your options. Upon understanding your competitors, offerings, demand and other important factors, we can provide an RV & Boat feasibility study that compares your options.

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RV & Boat Storage Feasibility Study
RV & Boat Storage Feasibility Study


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