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Choosing a Path: Understanding the Distinction Between a Business Plan and a Feasibility Study

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

SBA Business Plans, SBA Feasibility Studies and USDA Feasibility Studies
SBA Business Plans, SBA Feasibility Studies and USDA Feasibility Studies

Although you can have your business plan completed professionally, by, or do it yourself, it will not be accepted as a feasibility study by a lender because they want it is be third party by a proven feasibility study consultant who has many years of experience that is verified, carried Errors and Omissions insurance and has experience in your industry. Location experience is not as important these days for feasibility study providers, because of subscriptions or access to data providers that aid in understanding recent market trends and factors.

Why have your business plan completed by a professional?

Time. Your time is valuable. And if you are not the writer type, what takes an experienced business plan writer to do in a short amount of time might be daunting to you. We do this everyday and know exactly what to include, and how to support the assumptions with our in-house data or purchased data.

Remember those papers or book reports in school? We loved it! and most business people hated it. That is what we exist.

So, then how are the business plan and feasibility study different?

A business plan is about 25 pages and is brief explaining what the opportunity is about, why you and your team can be successful, what drive you, how you are legally organized, etc. See about our SBA Complaint Business Plans and what is included.

The business plan can be written by you. A clear distinction, whereas lenders require the feasibility study to be third party and unbiased.

Ever read a business plan that said "it might not work?"

Of course not.

That is the job of the unbiased third party experienced feasibility study consultant. A bankable feasibility study identifies risk. And how to mitigate them. Yet, there is risk and a feasibility study identifies these risks analytically. A good business plan also has a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis summarized, yet there might be bias by the project owner - whereas the third party feasibility study is expected to dig deeper and report on these risks in greater detail.

A bankable SBA feasibility study will be about 100 to 150 pages in length and is far more detailed than a business plan. The USDA requires a feasibility study in more circumstances because it is used to support the project and the business plan.

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